The sustainable alternative to elastane

FLEXICORN is a plant-based bio-polyester. Extraordinarily elastic and resilient, it keeps its original shape longer, it is wrinkle resistant and UV-resistant.

FLEXICORN has made it possible for us to replace synthetic elastane fibres with a recyclable, more sustainable and less polluting material. This innovative yarn is derived from corn which isn’t used for human consumption and glucose fermentation. With FLEXICORN we have reduced energy consumption, CO2 emissions and the impact of our products on the environment.

Highly elastic

Due to the micro-zig-zag structure, it always bounces back to its original shape.

Derived from corn seeds

FLEXICORN’s polymer is produced using corn seeds, vegetable ingredients from renewable sources.

Quick drying

The FLEXICORN fibre is breathable and increases the drying speed of the garment.