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Ideas. That set trends

We can help from the first thought – especially if the idea is missing. Our team of product managers, designers and textile engineers knows about current trends in the sports and textile sector, combines design and textile technology and develops new concepts with commercial impact.


Science. The basis of success

From the smallest fibre to the finished product: progress comes from attention to detail. Especially for our textile experts in the laboratory. Innovation arises from consistent methodology, research and development. It forms the basis of every successful development.


Performance. Measure it

“Innovation at AREAS” isn’t just a slogan – it’s a scientific fact. Our partnership with the University of Verona’s Sport and Health research centre (CeRiSM) means that every product, every material and all our technology undergoes advanced scientific testing in the lab and on athletes. A team of experts studies the results and develops future products accordingly, in order to constantly improve our garments’ performance.

At the same time, the CeRISM-led sports medicine department performs functional assessments and provides medical support for professional and amateur athletes. The data collected in these performance studies is then used to further our research.

Scientifically proven innovation


Our ambition is to ensure every single product, material or technology we produce can be labelled as “scientifically proven”. This means our customers get the best that’s available on the market. A slogan alone, without foundation, means nothing and we believe it should be possible to measure our innovation, through science. That’s why we have partnered with the University of Verona’s Sport and Health research centre (CeRiSM), an entity that is highly specialised in conducting assessments and tests on physical activity and sports.

Scientific Consultation

CeRISM provides consultation on the development of scientific and technological research. CeRISM’s skills and the rich knowledge of AREAS’ developers, gained over years of experience, merge to create a brain trust that is constantly looking ahead.

Research and

Our products and materials undergo experiments so that we can study their features and design new ones. CeRISM’s vital support allows us to run these tests on the athletes themselves, with special attention devoted to how they respond to the natural environment and extreme conditions.

Sport performance

A CeRISM-led sports medicine department offers medical support and functional assessments of professional athletes and amateurs, too. Studying sports activities in this way allows us to collect data that’s vital to our research, allowing us to manufacture products of increasingly high performance.


From thread to final product


Setting new benchmarks


A sea of innovation


Functionality in style