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Products developed by AREAS have earned a reputation as innovative, high-performance and above all reliable over time. On the one hand, this fills us with pride; on the other, it motivates us to raise the standard of quality even higher. In our testing laboratory, we put fibres, fabrics and end products through strict tests that are far more demanding than current regulations.
We learn from failures and are not satisfied with successes: we simply strive for the best.


The never-tired athlete

Hyper is our new generation thermal mannequin. There are only five models of this type in the world. This advanced scientific device reproduces the physiological reactions of the human body during sport (sweating, warming up, cooling down) and provides the values of breathability and thermal resistance of the garments it wears. Comfort is scientifically measured.


Testing neuro-reactivity

In a climate chamber, with controlled temperature and humidity, we can carry out tests with athletes to analyse performance and collect scientific data. Using state-of-the-art equipment such as stations to exercise cognitive skills, treadmills that incline in all directions, and Titici bikes on oscillating platforms, we focus especially on studying neuroreactivity - the product's ability to support the mind and proprioceptive system, not just the athlete's muscles.

Product Storytelling

A Building with a Purpose