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Functional fabrics for yachting

Our long experience in the field of sportswear has led us to be constantly at the forefront and allows us to be among the world’s leading companies in the field of functional fabrics. Drawing on our expertise, we are able to bring our innovation to the nautical sector by developing high-performance fabrics for outdoor and indoor upholstery.


The ultimate combination of technique and style

When choosing fabrics for a yacht, designers must keep in mind many factors: water, wind, salt, exposure to sunlight. Performance is crucial! But at the same time, the technical properties of the fabric cannot be separated from the style. The yacht is a private, luxurious and exclusive environment where elegance and comfort come together to create extraordinary living experiences.

Thanks to patented technologies and unparalleled knowledge of textile fibres, our fabrics withstand the marine elements and provide a unique and distinctive style. We use 3D knit technology to create fabrics that are soft and exceptionally comfortable, elastic to fit all shapes, and optimal in moisture management. Using exclusive techniques, we make them waterproof, resistant to abrasion and the wear and tear of the marine environment. In a single word: perfect.


Each project is unique

Yachts and superyachts are unique projects that require the meticulous study of every detail. The choice and implementation of fabrics is an important aspect of this process. Together with our customers, we not only choose the most appropriate colors and patterns, but also develop totally customized fabrics, from textile fibres to functionality.


Quality. Above all

We are proud to distinguish ourselves by the high quality of our products. This is the result of strict testing and quality control procedures that we carry out on all our fabrics. Tests for resistance to abrasion, water, salt and sunlight; checks on elasticity and colour fastness. Our production system allows us to immediately integrate test results into product development. Close cooperation with qualified upholsterers enables us to provide a final product that is optimised in every aspect.


Preserving our Planet

By choosing our production system, you are committing to an ethic of sustainability. We are well aware that our planet’s resources are limited, which is why we have minimized our environmental footprint. Our fabrics are made with energy from renewable sources only and without creating waste. Textile waste (fibres, cutting waste…) is 100% recycled and transformed into new materials to be reintroduced into the production cycle. All our production processes comply with strict sustainability standards and are certified STeP (Sustainable Textile Production) by OEKO TEX®.


From thread to final product


Setting new benchmarks


A sea of innovation


Functionality in style