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The two-storey, 3,500 square metre building in Asola (Italy) is designed to encourage the interaction and the flow of ideas among researchers, designers, scientists, creative people from different scientific disciplines.

The meeting of knowledge

That generates innovation

A sustainable building for a sustainable future

AREAS is designed with minimal impact on the environment in mind.
The building is energy self-sufficient, thanks to the photovoltaic system installed on the roof. The perfect orientation according to the cardinal points allows maximum use of natural lighting, reducing the use of artificial lighting.
An advanced air recirculation and purification system maintains the micro-climate inside the building ideal for the people occupying it, limiting energy consumption. In the meeting rooms, sound-proof panels were fabricated by recycling textile waste from Trerè Innovation's production.


Extreme conditions simulator

This floor of AREAS includes the Arctic Chamber and the Monsoon Chamber, which are used to test apparel in extreme environmental conditions. A further changing room allows the athletes to comfortably put on the clothes to be tested.


Start your journey into the future

Start your journey into the future' is the writing on the main entrance, the one that gives access to floor 1 of the building. The journey into a new era of technical apparel begins with the impressive 'Wall of Fame', on which athletes and VIPs have left their signatures, continues with the hall of awards and special collaborations, and the space dedicated to the 'heroes' who have performed extreme adventures around the world.

The journey does not end here, because floor 1, also called the 'Lab Floor', includes the Biotechnology Unit, where scientists and bioengineers research and test new bio-materials, and the Brain Unit, with advanced instruments for performance analysis. Next to the Brain Unit is a changing room for athletes.


The space for creativity

A large open space facilitates interaction and the exchange of ideas. This floor is dedicated to the creation of what does not yet exist: apparel design, footwear design, communication design and product storytelling.

The Bio-Lab and Tech Zone areas are designed as a source of inspiration and information sharing on bio-materials and new technologies.

Our testing Laboratory