One Sock, two layers, less friction

Prevents friction that can lead to blisters

The Two Layers system is the most sophisticated solution to the formation of blisters. The doubled-up structure of the sock works to eliminate the two main causes of blisters: it stops the fabric rubbing against the skin and keeps the feet dry. By working in synergy, the two layers give you that restorative feel of comfort and softness, with no folds or bumps.



The Two Layers system is based on the principle that the sock-to-sock friction coefficient is lower than the friction between sock and foot. When running or walking, there is no chafing of fabric on skin because any movement or slipping occurs between the two layers of sock instead. With an ergonomic design and glove-like fit, the inner layer adapts perfectly to the shape of your foot, following its every move.


It’s a common mistake to think that two layers will generate more heat. The 2IN sock instead makes use of the double structure to create the perfect microclimate around your feet. With the Cool Air Flow technology, there is a 3D structure between the two layers that creates a space of 1.5 mm. That allows the air to flow. The insulating effect this provides keeps foot temperature at a constant.