Patented ventilation system

The Air Dual system is based on a revolutionary knitting technique: a single yarn generates a spaced fabric that allows air to circulate dynamically within it


The upper of the shoe can be created with Air Dual technology.
The advantage isextraordinary
breathability: the moisture produced by the body escapes, while fresh air circulates around the foot, keeping it cool and dry.


The ultra-elastic insole adapts to the shape of the foot and provides
dynamic ventilation while walking. When landing, warm air is pushed outwards; during take-off phase fresh air is sucked in.


The Air Dual system integrated in the jackets promotes superior body temperature management: the moisture produced by the body is exchanged with fresh air from outside. At the same time, water does not penetrate.

car seats

Air Dual boosts the functionality of car seats. The fabric adapts to the shape of the body,
providing comfort and support. At the same time, it allows air to circulate in the areas in contact with the back.