ErgoConnect makes it possible to produce the shoulder area and the
sleeve as one piece without the seam running under the arm. This
improves freedom of movement and reduces chafing. The innovative
cut supports correct posture and ensures unrestricted freedom of

A new freedom of movement

feel the unrestricted freedom of movement

ErgoConnect is an evolution of the ErgoMotion construction. As the name implies, is the sleeves construction seamlessly connected. This unique construction improves freedom of movement in the shoulder area. Highly elastic 3D knit constructions allow breathability or insulation, depending on the design of the individual zones.

No Seams

The HaloFlex knitting Technology allows a seamless production of the sleeves. Without any restricting seams you experience an absolute new freedom of movement.
Thanks to the unique, patent-pending manufacturing technique, we can provide different isolation and ventilation zones, depending on the need of the customer.

HaloFlex Knit